Sunday, May 22, 2011

Best Ways to Make Money Online From My Home

There is no shortage of people looking for best ways to make money online. Finding the best way to make money online can be challenging, but it's within everybody's reach. Little bit of effort, desire and determination can help one get started. However, a good start doesn't guarantee success. As you may expect, you will have to make some smart moves, adapt to changes and be persistent with your efforts to make it big in the online world. Fortunately, there are good numbers of ways to make money online.

One of the best ways to make money from home is to make use of your creative talents to sell products or services to the online audience. For instance, if you are a web designer by profession, you can choose to design logo, banner etc for webmasters. If you are teacher, you can take eLessons. If you are good at maintaining books of accounts, you can offer the same service to the web audience. As such, you can advertise your service on free classified websites so that interested clients can get in touch with you. More than often, they will conduct a chat interview before hiring you for their assignment.

Those who have confidence on their bargaining skills can easily make money online by reselling products bought at discounted rates. Good numbers of individuals out there purchase products from one auction site and resell it for a profit on another auction site. The online marketplace is flooded with lots of auction sites that generate tons of traffic on daily basis. So, your listing will automatically generate lots of traffic once you create your listing on a popular auction site. Chances are that you might end up with a sale within few hours itself. The good news is that one is allowed to sell used items as well as long as one clearly describes the condition of the item on the listing page. So, one can also make money on unwanted items by selling them online.

If you think that your opinions matter a lot, it does. There are good numbers of companies out there that pay individuals for their opinions. You will be paid to review a certain product or to complete an online survey form. Companies value feedbacks from users because it enables them to improve their products/services before launch. As a survey taker, you will be offered compensation for your time and efforts. The key over here is to join multiple survey sites so that you are able to make decent chunk of part time income at the end of the month. Needless to say, you will have to stay away from scammers to ensure that you get paid for your work.

Owning a website can also prove to be a goldmine source of income for you. A website can be monetized through many different ways. You can place revenue earning ads on your website or promote affiliate products. Money can also be made by selling banner ads or advertising links. One can choose to flip a revenue earning website for a good profit. Therefore, the possibilities of making money online are literally endless. You don't have to limit yourself to one strategy. You can start slowly and once you get into the groove, you can charge at your goals to make great amount of money online.


Freelancing Business - Five Main Challenges To Expect

Freelancing is an ever growing industry attracting numerous global professionals and outsourcers. Each has something to give and take in this industry. While becoming a freelancer sounds so good and easy nowadays, in reality, it is not. There are challenges for choosing to freelance full time. Some of the challenges are beyond what you can do and others are not.

Despite the fact that this is tricky and challenging, you should aim at attaining success. As a beginner, you are probably looking through various websites in the hope of finding useful tips and hints. In this article, let us focus on a few types of freelancing challenges.

They include the following:

Maintaining discipline - As a freelance writer, graphic designer, web developer, and any other professional, you have full control of your time. While corporate workers have to wake up early and rush things to get at the workplace on time, you are free to keep on sleeping. The simple fact that you lack corporate rules to follow and comply with can make it hard for you to maintain discipline. Without discipline and focus, you would definitely fail.

Procrastination - Corporate employees perform a task when their bosses demand it to keep things flowing smoothly. Since they lack a quick alternative, the employees get into the habit of doing things in time. A freelancer, on the other hand, can quickly form a trend of postponing tasks. Most of us have been a victim, including myself, and the result is not that good. Since the virtual workplace is flexible, a freelance worker get to choose the duration he or she wants to complete projects. The longer the duration, the easier it becomes to procrastinate and loss business.

Time management - Most freelancing beginners are passionate about making money and snatching the best paying jobs. What they do not mostly focus on is how to manage the projects they would win and how to finish them on time. Whilst this business allows too much freedom, one has to realize that it involves real employers. They have deadlines to meet and expect their workers to separate time for work and leisure. Many of us have lost long term contracts because we sort of portrayed laziness or poor time management skills.

Project management - If you are good at what you choose to do online, buyers will never ever want to lose you. Some of you have faced a challenge where every buyer wants their task done in a short time. Most of us get confused, overwork ourselves everybody and still lag behind on the part of the task. Another person makes the most intelligent decision - outsourcing some of the projects. Many starters are afraid to lose clients and hence force themselves on tasks they cannot finish on time.

Setting the rate - Although people have different reasons for freelancing fulltime or part time, they all look for people that can value their hard work. Some clients have pleasant personalities and it is easy to overlook how much they pay for your services. While this sounds good, it is not a very prudent thing to do. Monthly bills will still come and you will need money to pay them. While a starter does not have much of a choice, he or she should learn to set comfortable rates as days come and go.


Ways to Make Money Online Without Being the Best

The Internet is like an ocean filled with money making opportunities. Realistically speaking, there are hundreds and thousands of different methods to make money online. However, not everyone out there is able to master the art of making money online. More than often, individuals look to earn money fast. They generally hunt for the best ways to make money online. This approach works for some individuals, while others see their back against the wall.

Experts reckon that individuals should stick to one or two time tested methods and work upon them until they witness substantial results for their efforts. Switching from one method to another without allowing adequate time for a method to work is often termed as a recipe for failure. So, let's take a look at a couple of time tested money making strategies that you can consider to commence your online journey with success.

Today, newspapers, TV stations, magazines etc look incomplete without ads. After all, a major part of their revenue comes from the sale of advertisements. Now, the concept of ads selling is used in the web world as well. You can make healthy profits by selling advertisement spots on your website. Although this method takes time, it's bound to work by all means because loads of webmasters look for exposure. Your website will prove to be a reliable place to gain exposure for one's website, product or service. You will be compensated for the exposure.

For this method to work, you should have steady website traffic. Ideally, you can consider sale of ads once you receive least 100 to 150 visitors a day on your website. This might get lots of webmasters interested in the deal. You can either approach the advertisers directly, or you can advertise on forums that allow sale of advertisement spots. Rates can be negotiated with an individual advertiser. Usually, website owners charge a flat monthly fee to place ads on their websites. You can follow the same approach.

As mentioned earlier, there are innumerable ways to make money online. Today, scores of individuals out there make substantial amount of money selling Amazon products. Amazon is one of the largest online stores in the world. Almost anything can be brought through Amazon because all kinds of sellers exist on Amazon. Amazon runs a free affiliate program that enables one to earn money through sale of Amazon products. Upon free registration, you will be provided with a special code that you need to place on your website in order to display Amazon products on your web pages. If someone purchases any product through your website, you will receive a commission.

Commissions start at 4% and they can shoot up to 15%, depending upon several factors. The secret over here is to specialize in the sale of certain products. For instance, if you have a website related to supplements, you need to display relevant Amazon ads on your website. While Amazon can afford to sell everything, you need to specialize in one area. After all, targeted ads are the key to great conversion. One can also choose to display high value products to gain good commission on every sale.


Ten Reasons Your Prospects Hate Your Website

My good friend Sharon Roberts has been teaching contractors how to sell to women for more than twenty years. This petite, outspoken Texan starts most presentations to a room full of men the same way. She says:
When you got out of bed this morning, I am pretty sure it wasn't your goal to piss off a women, but I am pretty sure by the end of the day you did.

While this always gets a laugh, it also makes everyone a little uncomfortable, as they realize it is probably true. All too often as we evaluate small business websites we know, it wasn't the intention of whomever designed the website to annoy visitors, but they accomplished that goal, none the less.

What have they done to turn site visitors off with your web design? Here is a list of the ten biggest mistakes we see.

1. Confusing Navigation - Do you make it difficult for people to find information? Often we see confusing site architecture, or clever page titles, which don't mean anything to the average visitor. I made that mistake on the first roundpeg website. The pages all rhymed: Create, Generate, Colloaborate.. etc. People left, never knowing that we did graphic design, brainstorm strategy sessions and team building.

2. Hard to find contact information - I read somewhere that the number one reason people come to your website is to find your contact information. Is your phone number visible on the home page? Is the Contact US button easy to find?

3. Copy that talks about You not Me. I know it is your website, but before I care about your years in business, mission statement, and return policy, I want to know - Can you solve my problem?

4. Too much technical jargon - If I knew what HSPF, SEER, AFUE, VSP, SEO... all stood for, would I really need you?

5. Irritating flash animations, auto play videos and audio tracks - They are cute, clever and you spent a fortune to create them. I get it. But the third or fourth time I come back, I want to skip past them. And if I am viewing it on an iPhone, I can't see them anyway. Also in this category: popups, pop under and pop overs, which block my view of the very information I came to find.

6. Slow loading pictures - Did you forget to convert those high res images to small, quick loading GIFs? By the time the image has loaded I have made a snack, gone for a walk or found someone else to do what you do.

7. Too much, too much, too much - Pages with too much text or too many graphics can be a bit overwhelming. Search engines may love the content, but people will be turned off and leave. Don't be afraid to break the content up with a link to another page. If people don't follow the link you have not made the compelling case for the follow.

8. Unreadable text on dark backgrounds - I know I am old and I can't read lots of things without my glasses, but even people much younger then me have a hard time with small white text on a black background. It may look cool and edgy, but if you want people to be able to read you site, pay attention to readability

9. Broken Links: Whether you mean to take the visitor to another page on your site, or elsewhere on the internet. Make sure the links work. There is nothing more frustrating to a visitor then a "page not found" error.

10. Ugly and outdated design - Like walking into a dirty restaurant, it is hard to have confidence that a company has kept their skills fresh when their site looks like it was designed more than five years ago. Also in this category, last update more than 30 days ago. If you are not updating regularly, don't admit it on the home page.

So that's some of the most common web design mistakes we see, what would you add?


Friday, October 30, 2009

What is Web Conversion Rate and How Do You Get That Number?

Website conversion rate is a mathematical formula that compares the incoming traffic to the number of sales during a specified time period. In most terms it is how many customers purchased compared to how many people were sent to your website. An average rate is 1%.

The rate is not just about sales, it also is used for landing pages, squeeze pages, email sign up pages, affiliate landing page, and any other web page that gets traffic. And remember, each of your web pages will have a different website conversion rate.

One easy way to find out what your rate is, is to gather data from your pay per click advertising campaigns, then look at your sales (number of customers) or email sign up numbers. You will need to pick a start and end date for both your sales and PPC campaigns to have your number come out correctly.

You should try a 1 or 2 week time frame at first. Look at your stats for your PPC campaign for that time frame, then get the number of customers, or email sign ups, during that same time period. You should be able to get this number from PayPal, Clickbank, your email autoresponder, or your other accounts. You now should have 2 numbers, number of PPC clicks and number of sales (or email sign ups).

Now for the easy math, and yes a calculator will help. Take your sales number times 100 = then divide that number by your PPC number. Your resulting number is your conversion rate (already in %). This is how the math is written out: sales * 100 / PPC = conversion rate in %.

For example, if you chose a 2 week period from the 1st to the the 15th, and if you had 50 customers (or sign ups), and you paid for 1,000 clicks, your conversion rate would be 5%. The math would look like this: (50 * 100 )/1,000 = 5 %). Another example, if you paid for 10,000 clicks and you had 100 customers, your conversion rate would be a 1% rate and the math would look like this: (100 * 100 ) / 10,000 = 1 %).

Now that you know what website conversion rate is and how to get your own numbers, your next step is to discover how to increase your rate. When you increase your rate, you increase your sales without increasing your traffic expenses.



Develop Your Emotional Intelligence

Implementing existing strategies to make fast money is more possible today then it ever was before. With the advent of all the technology, you'll be able to find the solutions and answers to almost every problem or question out there. Having an exit strategy is one thing, but if you can't or won't implement it then it is absolutely useless. This goes back to having an action plan, something that allows you to follow along step by step, so you don't get to sidetracked. There are short term exit strategies that allow for you to make some fast money, and there are longer term strategies the will still make you money, just not the fast money.

Buying into the stock market can be scary venture for anyone with little or no knowledge of the workings. In order to give yourself the best possible chance to make both, fast money, as well as the long term consistent money, you have to educate yourself, and continue to learn on an ongoing basis. You also must be able to implement exiting strategies without letting your emotions factor in. This is where many people will have a difficult time. Emotional intelligence is one of the main components you'll need to develop in order to succeed in the 21st century. It will factor in to almost every decision you make, or don't make. By eliminating the emotional aspect, and learning how to change your emotional programming, you'll be implementing exiting strategies without another thought.

Channeling is a concept that is common in the stock market lingo. It allows for anyone to make fast money, with very little risk. When a stock price is at $10 and moves to $15, then back down to $10, and keeps this similar pattern, it is said to be moving sideways. This is your opportunity to get in at the low of $10, and then ride it up to $15. By implementing exiting strategies, without emotional involvement, you'll be making some fast money, virtually risk free. These types of stocks must be monitored for a period of time until there is a visible pattern that emerges. You should always do your due diligence in your studies of these stocks, either on your own or through a licensed broker or advisor.

Most people think that you can't make fast money in the real estate market. They think it is a buy and long term hold, so the thought of anything else never enters their minds. This is where your creative thinking will come into good use. Just because you've never bought a property with no money down, doesn't mean it can't be done...just because you've never seen a 40 foot shark, doesn't mean they don't exist. If there are people out there that have purchased property with little or no cash of their own down, and then flipped it to earn some fast money, then all you have to do is study and learn how they did it, and implement those steps yourself. But you must take action because results don't happen without actions.



Friday, October 16, 2009

Affiliate Prorgam Currently In Peak Performance

In these days, more and more firms are setting up their business on the Internet. As a result, affiliate programs have risen in popularity as a strong internet marketing tool.

What the affiliates have to do is directing potential customers to the firms' website. These affiliates get rewarded for their promotional efforts. This is a wonderful way to make some extra money by making full use of the website. It is high time for you to take advantage of this chance to make easy money.

Affiliate marketing is a popular trend in these days and with the spread of the Internet, it will be the wave of the future. The Internet plays a crucial way in today living and good affiliate marketers know how to take advantage of it.

What you should keep in mind is that finding good affiliate partners is critical in the affiliate marketing. Good affiliate partners is related to how you make money and how much you can make.

If you want to improve your chances of success, you should learn from those who have done it successfully. Now there are many professional knowledge on the Internet which can help you learn what pitfalls to avoid. It can also save you time as you search for the perfect affiliate marketing program.

Thanks to today technology, there is an easy way to collect a lot of great affiliate marketing material without cluttering up your bookshelf. You can transmit a wide variety of affiliate marketing e-books directly to your Kindle or other e-book reading device.



Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Students Can Make Money?

All students can do with a little extra cash. So what are some money making options for a student?

You could get a part time job. But let's be honest, most part time jobs aren't much fun. Nor do they pay fantastically well. Students often end up working long hours in a bar or restaurant for little money, others might get involved with part time manual work such as cleaning which might pay even less.

You will be pleased to hear that there are other options!

One thing that might appeal more to you is running a part time internet business. I strongly recommend this as an option for any student as this is something I have done myself.

Running a part time business online can benefit you three ways:

* You can make good money
* You are your own boss, and
* You can gain a lot of useful experience that can be used later on in life.

I imagine that as a student you will have a computer to help with your studies. If not, then you probably have easy access to a computer on campus or from a friend.

There are just two basic tools you need to run an online business - a computer and an internet connection.

Of course, you need a little bit of 'know how' also, but this knowledge can be surprisingly easy to obtain.

If you want to keep your online business simple then there are obvious options, such as selling unwanted items on eBay. You may have some old CDs, DVDs or books that you don't want any more that you can sell on eBay.

Selling this way will make you a bit of money but it is not hugely sustainable because you are soon likely to run out of stuff. To replenish stocks, you could visit some yard sales to buy things cheaply then resell them for a small profit on eBay.

As an alternative to eBay consider selling your unwanted items on Amazon, at the Amazon Marketplace. I have found it a really good site, to both buy and sell items. For example, I sometimes buy DVDs of TV series watch them and then sell them to someone else on Amazon. That way, the DVDs end up costing me just a few dollars rather than paying 30 dollars to buy them new. You can even come away with a profit sometimes!

But if you are REALLY SERIOUS about making a good income online (maybe a thousand or two thousand dollars a month - or even more) I would recommend doing what I did: be patient, take a long-term view and learn about marketing and selling over the internet.

It is important to try and get to grips with the following:

* Learn how to create and market a website: I spent some time learning how to create a website and just as importantly how to market a website... There are many ways to market a website online, for example you can use articles or you can use search engine marketing - such as Google AdWords).
* Create your own products and use affiliates: Once both things are in place, and you are generating traffic to your website, you can either send that traffic to another website - this means you will be an affiliate of that website and should earn yourself a commission on any sales made from traffic that you send to that website - or you can create your own products instead, maybe an ebook or marketing toolkit that you might then sell via your own website.

Before you get started on your own online venture it is very important to research the market to see what is selling, a good starting point could be a site called Flippa is a site where you can buy ready-made websites, so by taking a look at the site you can see what the current trends are, for example which type of sites are in demand and trading well.

As with most things, the more you understand the more money you can ultimately make for yourself. So you can start at the easy end (little stress, modest profits) - trading on sites such as eBay or Amazon Marketplace - or you could put in the time and effort to develop expert knowledge and build up a credible part time business that might make you a thousand, two thousand dollars a month, maybe more.

Who knows... maybe a year from now you may be pleasantly surprised to discover how much you have earned online working part time!




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